For our premium vape products, we re-introduce real cannabis terpene profiles (Which contain zero THC) into our final product.  We source our terpenes from the best cannabis growers in California to give our users a product that stays true to the plant.  Terpene re-introduction increases the aroma, taste, and effectiveness of our extracts, while giving a similar experience to using recreational hemp flowers and oils.

CBD Vaporizer Oils "Vape Oils" can be used in a vaporizer of your choice. They offer a healthy way of inhaling your daily dose of the CBD supplement. When you vape the CBD enters your lungs and goes directly to your bloodstream completely bypassing your digestive system. This method allows for greater bioavailability.

All our premium Vape Liquids come in 30 mL bottles, and are available in 1500 mg, 1200 mg, 900 mg and 500 mgc oncentrates. This product contains CBD Oil, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, & reintroduced Cannabis Terpenes.